By practicing TaeKwonDo, your child will benefit in the following ways:

  1. Physically – Develop good coordination, gain strength, increase flexibility, and improve cardiovascular conditioning.

  2. Mentally – Improve self-confidence, gain better judgment, and develop self-control.

  3. Philosophically – Honesty, always standing for justice, respect for self and others, loyalty and courtesy.


Incorporating these three aspects into your child’s life will build the ability to be strong, humble, gentle and to maintain self-respect. We guarantee that you WILL see a difference in your child within the first few weeks of classes.

TaeKwonDo philosophy emphasizes good health, happiness, generosity, and a sense of value of freedom, justice, and peace. All of these inspire both independence and coexistence.

TaeKwonDo is an art of humanity, a guide for the formation of outstanding character.

Further information on the benefits of martial arts for children:

Children’s Class Format

Each class will begin with bowing, the Student’s Motto and Student’s Oath. The head instructor then engages students in a short discussion about character values,TaeKwonDo tenets, or safety issues.

Next, students “warm-up” with a game that is designed to loosen them up for class, warm their muscles and give them the opportunity to practice martial arts skills.

During the class, the students will practice requirements for upcoming belt testing. These include forms, one-step sparring, combinations, required techniques, self-defense, free sparring and/or board breaking.

Finally, the students will play a “cool-down” game. This allows the children to leave the class excited and wanting to come back for more.

Class is concluded with bowing, the School Motto, Student’s Oath and class dismissal.